1.B.Sc. (Hons) in Information Technology
2.B.Tech in Computer Science (Data Science)
3.M.Tech-Biotech Animal Biotechnology
4.B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering
5.M.Tech Civil Engineering in Environmental Engineering
6.B.Tech CSE (Business Analytics & Optimization) in association with IBM
7.B.Tech Electrical & Electronics Engineering
8.Ph.D-Computer Science Engineering (Full Time/ Part Time)
9.B.Tech (CS- Information Security & Cloud Technology) I- Nurture
10.M.Tech Computer Science & Engineering-Software Engineering
11.B.Sc. (Hons) Electronics with specialization. in Robotics & application
12.B.Tech+MBA (Integrated)
13.Ph.D-Civil Engineering (Full Time/ Part Time)
14.M.Tech Computer Science & Engineering(Mobile Computing)
15.M.Tech (ECE) with Specialization in Digital Communication (Part Time and Full Time)
16.M.Tech Civil Engineering in Construction Management
17.Ph.D in Biotechnology (Full Time/ Part Time)
18.B.Tech IT
19.Ph.D in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Full Time/ Part Time)
20.Bachelor of Computer Application
21.B.Tech Biotechnology
22.Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering
23.B.Tech E & E with specialization in Instrumentation & Control
24.M.Tech Computer Science & Engineering in Networking
25.M.Tech EEE with Specialization in Industrial Automation
26.B.Sc. (Hons) Web Technology and Mobile Application
27.B.Tech ME
28.M.Tech Civil Engineering with Specialization in Water Resources
29.B.Tech + M.Tech (Integrated)
30.M.Tech (ECE) with Specialization in VLSI Technology (Part time and Full Time)
31.B.Sc. (Hons) in Computer Science
32.M.Tech Civil Engineering in Geotechnical Engineering
33.B.Tech ME with Specialization in Automobile
34.M.Sc. in Information Technology
35.Bachelor of Computer Application (Software Engg)
36.M.Tech EEE with Specialization in Instrumentation & Controls
37.B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering
38.B.Tech CSE (CS – Cloud Computing & Virtualization Technology) in association with IBM Plant Biotechnology
40.M.Tech Computer Science & Engineering(Cyber Security & Information Assurance)
41.M.Tech (ECE) with Specialization in Microwave Technology (Part Time and Full Time)
42.M.Tech EEE with Specialization in Power System Engineering
43.Master of Computer Application
44.M.Tech Mechanical Engineering with Specialization in Thermal & Fluid Engineering
45.M.Tech Civil Engineering with Specialization in Structural Engineering
46.M.Tech Mechanical Engineering with Specialization in Production & Industrial Engineering
47.M.Sc. in Computer Science
48.M.Tech Mechanical Engineering with Specialization in Machine Design
49.Ph.D in Electronics & Communication Engineering (Full Time/ Part Time)
50.B.Tech in Computer Science (IOT & application)
51.B.Tech Civil