About Us

Birkha Bdr.Subba
( Managing Director)

Bhutan International Education Consultancy & Placement Firm based in Thimphu capital of Bhutan( Land of happiness) and Bhutan International Education Consultancy & Placement Firm was established with crystal clear motive to provide quality services to students whose endeavor is to earn qualification from overseas. Established in 2015 by group of experienced professionals,from the date it is provoked by its goal of providing quality services to students who want to continue studies abroad countries.

 Bhutan International Education Consultancy and Placement Firm (BIECPF) will be working closely with its partner institutions and universities as to provide accurate information. 

We commit ourselves to provide the best professional services to our students. Our role will be to partner with foreign universities and institutions, which are reliable and reputed. Though our primary aim will be to enter into profit earning business but our focus will always be on the welfare of the students and their academic status. BIECPF is placing more than 100 students every year in Colleges and Universities in India and even BIECPF is also placing Bhutanese students in following Countries:
Bangladesh, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore, India, Australia  & Thailand
1. Swiss Institute for Management & Hospitality, Switzerland.
2. Beacon International College Pvt Ltd, Singapore.
3. Shelton College International, Singapore.
4. Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand.
5. Griffin College Brisbane, Australia.
6. The University of Western Australia.
7. Royal Roads University
8. Lovely Professional University
9. SRM Chennai University
10. SRM Sikkim
11. Sharda University
12. Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences
13. MM University
14. PSNA(Ana University)
15. Guru Nanak Institutions (Hyderabad)
16. JB Institute of Technology
17. Chandigarh University
18. Jain University
19. Marwadi University